Sunday, August 14, 2011

Early Dinner

My husband was surprised when dinner was ready by 6 pm. Typically I get home from work or the gym by 7ish, so to have dinner "early" was a shock. It is Sunday today, so I had the time. Tonight, I decided on a Taco Salad which should be called a "taco-less" salad because the salad had no corn chips or tacos involved. I saw this recipe on check out her site for tons of great recipes!
What I liked about this recipe is that it doesn't call for one of those spice packets that you mix into your meat; you actually combine your own spices! I couldn't find the El Pato sauce for the avocado dressing so settled for plain tomato sauce. I still liked the dressing!

Best part is, left-overs for lunch tomorrow!

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