Monday, August 15, 2011

It's all about the sides

Do you ever get home from work and really don't feel like cooking? Well, that was me tonight. I actually feel like that a lot but once I decide what I am going to make, start to really get into it. First, I like making new things and second, I like eating new things. I knew I was going to have chicken tonight. Sometimes chicken can be so boring. I looked in the fridge and had some prosciutto I wanted to use up. I didn't want prosciutto wrapped chicken. I did a quick search and my main course inspiration came from Food Network's Tyler Florence
I didn't have a whole chicken but I did have organic, free range chicken that would work and I had everything else.
For sides, I made paleo broccoli good you need to try it. So easy too, since Trader Joe's sells the broccoli slaw ready to go...just add oil and apple cider vinegar, ground mustard and s&p, oh and I add raisins.
My other side was from Paleo Table...Mango Salsa! Why don't I use mango more often?! This one was really good too...highly recommend it.

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